Feed your tummy feed your soul!

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Pamper the #$%@ out of yourself!!

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Be a superhero!!

Find your confident you-Be Dreamqpied!

Jo’s Party 4 One Program- 11 Steps to inspire you to focus on loving your self, to unleash your inner confidence & re-awaken your dreams!



It’s time for you to find your confident you and achieve any goal you put your mind to!

It’s time to START THE PARTY!

My first pro Muay Thai fight gave me the confidence to believe in myself at all times. The road to my fight proved to me that we are all capable of living our dreams and becoming who we want to be and the changes we want to bring to the world.

If you’re ready to

  1. Wake up and find what you really want

  2. Eat healthy and think healthy

  3. Feed your body and mind the greatest recipes for confidence and power

  4. Reward yourself with things you’ve dreamed of all your life

  5. Treat yourself like a superhero

 Then you’re ready to party!


My team

Do you feel like your life has become boring? Like you’re going through the motions, making the same mistakes, or working at a job you hate?

Want healthy recipes for confidence?

Want to be physically and mentally strong as hell so you can finally live your life on your terms?

Oh man, have you come to the right place!!Jo Fuggedaboutit!

Feed your body, feed your soul!

 Your goals matter! You are a superhero! You can have everything that you want with dedication and perseverance. Start by eating and thinking confidently. Ready to become the superhero you were meant to be? Click here!


Let me share my healthy recipes with you and we can grow stronger together!

All my love,


your private chef with a pinch of inspiration 😉

Party with me!Inspire me!




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